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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lesbian Sex Tips.

History of lesbian sex

The word lesbian is derived from Lesbos, a Greek island located in the East Aegean Sea where the ancient Greek lyric poet Sappho lived and ran a school for girls in the 6th century BC. Many of her poems are about her passion for her students. Sappho's literary association with love between females has led to the term lesbian having its modern meaning, as well as its rarer synonym Sapphism and lesbian sex .

Other words used to describe lesbianism over the past 2000 years have included tribadism, Amor lesbicus, and urningtum lesbian sex .

There are many slang terms for lesbians including dyke and bulldyke. Both of the former are almost always regarded as pejorative when used by outsiders but are often acceptable within lesbian and queer communities.

They like having lesbian sex .

Since the 1980s, lesbians have been increasingly visible in mainstream culture: in music (Melissa Etheridge, K.D. Lang and the Indigo Girls), in sports (Martina Navrátilová), and in comic books (Alison Bechdel and Diane DiMassa). More recently, lesbian homoeroticism has flowered in fine art photography and the writing of authors such as Pat Califia, Jeanette Winterson and Sarah Waters. There is an increasing body of lesbian films such as Desert Hearts, Go Fish, Watermelon Woman, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, Everything Relative and Better than Chocolate Classic novels such as those by Jane Rule have been reprinted.

Lesbian Sex Tips:  learn how to make love to a leasbian women

Lesbian Sex Tips:
A Guide For Anyone
Who Wants to Bring Pleasure
to the Woman She (Or He) Loves
By Tracey Stevens & Katherine Wunder L.P.C.
Do you want to be great in bed?
Do you need a road map to femville?

This fun to read guide is definitely not a dry “how-to” manual, and it contains more than just sexual tips. Written with inclusive language for both women and men, this book was written for the benefit of all consenting adults who love women including: lesbians, bisexual women and men, straight men, transgendered men and transgendered women who are lesbian, and straight women who want to learn more about their own bodies lesbian sex.

You will discover:
• Advice on romance and how to love not only your partner’s body, but also her heart and mind.
• Women’s anatomy, including illustrations and descriptions of all those delicate parts.
• Pointers on making love, including instructions on how to find some of the spots that please a woman most.
• Information on different adult toys and how to use them.
• Points on passion and how to bring a woman to orgasm over and over again.
• Hints on communication skills and the importance of trust.
• Plain talk about safer sex, which contains a list of common sexually transmitted diseases and their symptoms and treatments.
• Sections on childhood abuse issues which can block people from having healthy adult relationships, and domestic partner abuse issues that sometimes stem from childhood abuse, includes symptoms and how to get help if you need it.
• Facts on counseling and what to expect if you see a therapist.

TV Review, Sunday Night Sex Show on the W Network out of Canada.
Many males wonder how lesbians have sex - after all, they don't have a penis between them. You know what? Males could learn a lot of lovemaking tips from lesbians. Here is a great book, LESBIAN SEX TIPS: A Guide for Anyone Who Wants To Bring Pleasure to the Woman She (Or He) Loves. It will answer all your questions. Just because Lesbian is in the title, anybody who loves and is sexually active with women will gain great insight into their sexual responses and how to please them. This is one invaluable little book by Tracey Stevens & Katherine Wunder.
Sue Johanson & lesbian sex

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Lesbian Sex

Lesbian sex has had many names throughout ages, like sophism and tribadism. Dyke and bulldyke are lesbian sex slang denominations, sometimes pejorative, sometimes used by the lesbian community itself. But, regardless of the name lesbian sex may have, it's a practice that has increased as time passes by. Although the bias concerning this subject is far from disappearing, it seems to cause less disapproval than it did on previous times.

Lesbians may be as committed as heterosexuals are, or as promiscuous as them. They can be proud or ashamed. There is no applicable sexual behavior pattern to classify individuals into lesbian sex. Also, there is none to apply to heterosexuals or gay men. But as obvious as it may sound, this is not a tamed idea yet. Anti-gay communities spread are all over the world (the internet has disseminated their ideas), backed by religious groups that take lesbian sex for anti-natural activity bound to be damned. Their voice may be heard wherever there is a single whisper of granting homosexuals any right, like, for example, marriage, or adoption. It will take a long time until most of the western civilization grants lesbians with the same heterosexual's rights, not to mention the eastern world.

Historically, though, there were worse times for lesbians. Owing to bias surrounding the subject, lesbians have been involved with womens' rights and feminism. Fortunately, famous lesbians like Gertrude Stein, Barbara Hammer and Martina Navratilova came to dissipate a little of the prejudice concerning lesbian sexuality.

One peculiar speculation concerning lesbians is the reaction they cause on heterosexual men with their sexual orientation. It may oscillate from mere indifference to tolerance, or even sexual arousal, in contrast to their disgusting image of gay men. Heterosexual women, however, express lower degrees of negative reaction to the lesbian sex. Would women be more liberal than men? More tolerant, maybe.

The fact is that lesbian sex has been more accepted despite all the polemic it involves. For better or worse. You decide.